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  • Jacksonville, FL

Everhome Funded Mortgages

  • New Home Purchases
  • Home Equity Loan Programs
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Refinance Mortgage Programs
  • 2nd Mortgage Loan Programs
  • Debt Consolidation Programs
  • Imperfect Credit / Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Programs
  • Fixed Rate Loan Programs
  • Adjustable Rate Loan Programs

Everhome Mortgage Co.

Everhome Mortgage Company is a provider of mortgage and home equity loan servicing as well as subservicing on more than 300,000 loans with principal balances of $36 billion for government agencies and more than 800 private investors.  Everhome Mortgage Company runs servicing partnerships for The Bank of New York, Bear Stearns, Wachovia and others. 

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Everhome Mortgage Company is wholly-owned by EverBank and this certainly provides access to the bank’s financial strength and experience.  EverBank is a S&P select servicer and has been named to Freddie Mac’s Tier One Servicer list for at least four consecutive years.  Due to this standing, EverBank has engineered core expertise when servicing more intricate loan products and portfolio characteristics as well as providing outsourcing services for other businesses.  EverBank Financial Corporation is a $3.6 billion thrift holding firm, employing well over 1,500 employees in the United States.  EverBank, as one of America’s fast-growth, diversified financial servicing firms, provides banking as well as mortgage services to consumers nationally, with a retail presence in North Florida.  EverBank products are also offered through an array of business partnerships, including The Bank of New York via its BNY Mortgage Company retail joint venture;, via its Pricelinemortgage Internet joint venture; and more than 20,000 mortgage brokers as well as financial advisors via its Wholesale Lending, Commercial Lending, and EverBank Advisor Program.  EverBank’s companies serves 400,000 customers, has originated more than $12 billion of yearly mortgage production, services around $36 billion in loans, and also has $2.7 billion of customer deposits.

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The EverBank Advisor Program allows financial planners and investor professionals the opportunity to offer mortgage as well as banking services to their clientele.  It is the only program of its kind.

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